Save Water...Every Drop Counts!

Water is a limited resource that everyone needs to survive.  While New Jersey is considered a ‘water-rich’ state because it receives about 46 inches of rainfall a year, each resident uses about 70 gallons of water per day.  During the growing season (April-October), outdoor water use can increase this use to 155 gallons per day per person.

This means that over 9 million people living in New Jersey are using 630 million to 1 billion gallons of water every day!

So how can you save water?

Saving water is easy.  Small everyday changes can add up to big water savings.

  • Turning off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving can save up to 180 gallons of water per month.
  • Fixing leaks around your house can save up to 400 gallons each month.
  • Collecting water in one rain barrel can save about 1,400 gallons of water every year.

For more information on water conservation, please see the list of website links below.

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Remember, every drop counts!

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