Education and Outreach

Shellfish are the TEACHING TOOL about Barnegat Bay

Although the Barnegat Bay Shellfish Restoration Program focuses on training volunteers to raise clams and oysters, the broader mission of the program is to increase both knowledge about and stewardship of Barnegat Bay and our coastal resources.

The Clam Trail is an award-winning educational scavenger hunt we created to teach folks about the bay, and the area's maritime heritage, while showcasing local artists and businesses. Visit the interactive Clam Trail map, and then go explore. If you return your form to our office, you can win prizes!

We have also created a curriculum activity guide for middle school aged children, to incorporate shellfish and Barnegat Bay specific information into a variety of lessons. Visit our What the Bay HINGES On Educational Guide for more information.

Also, our ReClam the Bay members provide education for the public:

Also check out the ReClam the Bay website, which features the volunteer blog and upcoming events!

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