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4‑H Afterschool and Summer Programs

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Ocean County 4‑H partners with other youth serving organizations to provide several multi-week after-school and summer day camp programs throughout Ocean County.

Program Details

Ocean County 4‑H prides itself on offering a wide range of possible program topics that can be tailored to fit the needs of any youth serving agency. Frequently this means combining activities from several programs listed below. For example, a marine science camp may use environmental activities, engineering activities, and leadership activities to provide a complete week-long experience. When reading through the topic list, think creatively about the needs of your program. If there is a topic that you want but it is not listed below, please call the 4‑H office and inquire about it. There is a good chance we may be able to offer the program but have not listed it as a pre-package program offering.

Many of these programs are fee base. Costs are determined based on the number of participants, supplies needed, and instruction time. Periodically, 4‑H will receive grants to implement programs with youth in Ocean County. For more information on 4‑H Programs.

Collaborators Include:

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For more information, Contact Ocean County 4‑H.