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Sustainable Landscapes Primer

Sustainable Lawns

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fescue lawn

The Low Maintenance Landscaping for the Barnegat Bay Watershed (PDF) lays out eight simple principles to reduce the use of natural resources while allowing for an attractive, natural landscape. All of these principles apply to growing and maintaining a healthy lawn.

A soil test is the first step in preparing healthy turf. Knowing what your current nutrient levels are, and understanding the properties of your soil will help to grow healthy grass.

Selecting the proper grass seed is also important. Fescues are well suited to sandy Ocean County Soils. They will thrive with less fertilizer and water than grass species that are suited to richer soils. Follow your soil test recommendations, the manufacturers instructions, and Rutgers Cooperative Extension in deciding how much to water and fertilize your lawn.

Keeping a lawn healthy requires good maintenance as well. Mowing height and frequency both contribute to the health of the grass, and its ability to weather disease and drought.

The Master Gardeners can provide fact sheets and advice about home garden issues. The Ocean County Master Gardener Hotline operates from 9–12pm, Monday through Friday at 732-349-1245.


Recent News!!! (11/15/2011)

News from Jim Murphy, Rutgers Extension Specialist:

As of November 15, residents cannot apply N or P fertilizer to their lawns until next spring.  Similarly, professional applicators of fertilizer have until December 1 to complete their customer service cycle of late fall N or P fertilization.  Please recognize that other materials, K, lime, composts, etc are still legal to apply after these dates.

New Fertilizer Law

New Jersey's Fertilizer Law was signed by the Governor in January 2011.  It is designed to reduce the nitrogen and phosphorus loadings that can drain into New Jersey's surface and groundwater resources.


To learn more about the Governor's 10-point action plan to protect and restore Barnegat Bay, go to

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