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Volunteer with Ocean County 4‑H!

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Without the effort, expertise and passion of adult volunteers, 4‑H could not possibly provide positive youth programming for over seven million American youth each year!

4‑H adult volunteers directly influence the youth they work with by being their mentor, teacher, role model, advocate and cheerleader. Even if you do not have background with 4‑H, you can find a place in the 4‑H community to inspire and learn from youth.

The 4‑H year runs from September 1st to August 31st of the following calendar year. During that time, 4‑H adult volunteers can commit to long-term, or brief, positions.

Ocean County 4‑H Volunteer Opportunities:

4-H clover 4‑H Club Leader: This type of volunteer likes to work directly with youth, and has the patience and dedication to support club members through an entire 4‑H year. Club leaders may be particularly knowledgeable in the subject area youth are exploring, or just be able to encourage members in the process of exploration, research and discovery. All 4‑H clubs have two, or more, adult leaders working as a team to direct the club.
4-H clover Mentor/Coach/Resource Volunteer: If you have a particular interest or talent, perhaps related to your career or hobby, 4‑H is a great opportunity to share it with youth. Resource volunteers may help at a club meeting, run a workshop/clinic, or simply serve as a source of information and encouragement for club leaders and members.
4-H clover Judges: 4‑H youth members regularly participate in shows or competitions to help them learn, and to showcase their current knowledge. Volunteer judges are needed to review the work of 4‑H youth and provide constructive criticism, rankings and/or scores. These volunteers should be: skilled in the subject area they are judging, able to communicate kindly with children, and committed to the 4‑H ideals they learn in provided training.
4-H clover Parent Helpers: Most 4‑H events try to include a youth member's whole family and "many hands can make light work"! Parents, or adult relatives, are particularly helpful at club meetings and events to help with organization, set up, clean up, snack scheduling, and anything else they find useful.
4-H clover Advisory Group Member: Certain 4‑H programs function through the input and guidance of advisory groups. Being an advisory group member allows a volunteer to help 4‑H reach a wider audience of Ocean County youth and provide them with the programs that inspire them.
Ocean County 4-H fair 2019

The majority of adult volunteers serve as 4‑H Club Leaders. Although this is the most time-consuming volunteer role, it provides the most consistent interaction with youth, and is usually the most rewarding!

What are the steps to becoming an Ocean County 4‑H Volunteer?

4-H clover Step 1: Complete and submit a Volunteer Application to the Ocean County 4‑H Office 732-349-1227
After being contacted by the Ocean County 4‑H Office:
4-H clover Step 2: Register on nj4honline after completing the screening process to become a 4-H volunteer
4-H clover Step 3: Complete the Rutgers University Youth Protection Online Training and submit to a background check during screening
4-H clover Step 4: Meet one-on-one with Ocean County 4‑H staff (if applicable)
4-H clover Step 5: Stay in touch and get involved!

If you know of someone who might enjoy being a part of the 4‑H community, please encourage them to visit our website and contact the Ocean County 4‑H Office.

Help us shape the next generation of leaders!

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