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Lawn and Garden

Green house

The Rutgers Cooperative Extension Personnel with the assistance of the Rutgers Master Gardeners provide horticulture information to the residents of Ocean County.



Lawn and garden questions are answered Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to noon. Afternoon hours vary during Spring and Summer months. Call (732-349-1245).



Free identification is available throughout the entire year.  Make sure you have a copy of our fact sheet - Prevent Tick Bites:  Prevent Lyme Disease.

Other tick resource links:

Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention: Ticks


Free identification and diagnosis of plants and pest problems is provided. Recommendations are given. A representative sample of the problem is required for an accurate diagnosis.When a sample is submitted please complete the "Horticultural Diagnostic Fillable Form" below.

Soil Testing


Two types of soil tests are available.  A pH test to determine acidity or alkalinity is available for $5.00. A complete soil analysis kit, including pH, nutrients in the soil and recommendations, is also available.  The fee is $20.00. For further information contact our office.

Save Time - Complete the appropriate form below, before coming in.

RCE On-Line Programs

Rutgers Master Gardener Program


To contact the Agriculture Department call - 732-349-1246 or we also can be reached at -