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Lawn and Garden

The Rutgers Cooperative Extension Personnel with the assistance of the Master Gardeners provide horticulture information to the residents of Ocean County.


Services Include:

Helpline - Lawn and garden questions are answered Monday throughFriday, 9 a.m. to noon.  Afternoon hours vary during Spring and Summer months.  Call (732-349-1245).


Ticks - free identification is available throughout the entire year.  Make sure you have a copy of our fact sheet - Prevent Tick Bites:  Prevent Lyme Disease and the 2012 CDC Lyme Disease: A Public Information Guide


Diagnostics - free identification and diagnosis of plants and pest problems is provided.  Recommendations are given.  A representative sample of the problem is required for an accurate diagnosis.


Soil Testing - Two types of soil tests are available.  A pH test to determine acidity or alkalinity is available for $3.00.  Bring a cup of soil to the office for the pH test.  A complete soil analysis kit, including pH, nutrients in the soil and recommendations, is also available.  The fee is $20.00.  It is not necessary to bring the soil to the office for this test.


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To contact the Agriculture Department call - 732-349-1246

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